What am I up to?

It’s nearly been a year since I redesigned this site, quit my APS job and entered the world of freelance. Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. I thought I’d do a quick update on what I’m keeping occupied with these days.

I finished and graduated from my AFTRS course – Advanced Diploma of Scripted Editing and Development – and have spent a lot of my time since then reading scripts and giving notes. I love it! I’ve written three short films, worked on a web-series with some other Canberra writers, done some note taking in professional Writers’ Rooms, and I’m slowly chipping away at my feature film.

On the non-creative side of things, I’ve been doing some scribing and report writing for a recruitment company here in Canberra, and I’m in the middle of a Senior Policy Officer contract with a Government Department – my role is focused on promoting good data practice through communications and strategies,

AND somewhere in between all that I am lucky enough to have traveled twice – one longer trip to Mexico, Argentina and Antarctica, and a quick two week visit to Japan. I do so love this world of ours.

I’m currently looking forward to more collaborations, more writing, a smidge of teaching, and hopefully paying off the credit card debt I racked up during my travels. 😆


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