Screenwriting & Log Lines

As much as I hate log lines, they’re a short and sharp way to get an idea across. Here are some of the log lines I have thrown together based on the scripts I am currently writing slash thinking about writing. If you have any questions or comments or would like to request a full synopsis you can reach me at: erinbingham84 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Love in a Time of Apocalypse – Rom-Zom-Com:

In 1947, two star-crossed lovers are separated by an apocalyptic event. While fighting stunted social structures and the living dead, the two battle to get back to each other.

FanGirl – Romantic Comedy:

A quiet fanfiction writer and daydreamer, who is afraid of real relationships, gets the job of a lifetime and a smack of reality when she is hired as the assistant to the actor whose character features in her stories.

The Owl and the Pussycat – Drama:

Following the death of their friend, a close knit group of 20 somethings must take up guard duty around his 40 something dramatically suicidal widow, testing their compassion and own relationships.

Untitled – Romantic Fantasy Action:

A missing man reappears after four years, believing he’s spent the time living in another dimension. His fiancé and best friend team up to find out whether his story is fact or fiction before he’s sent off to the mental health ward.

Marsh’s – Comedy:

One day in the life of the staff at Marsh’s, a large upscale department store, including romantic entanglements, personal drama and pain in the ass customers.

Superheros Anonymous – Short Film (Comedy):

After a hard day fighting crime, a group of masked Superheroes attend an anonymous therapy session to talk about the woes of life in tights.

Untitled – Television Series

Follows the lives of five multi-racial friends living in Sydney’s inner-west, as they navigate life and societies expectations of them as newly thirty year olds.