Screenwriter and Script Editor

Please contact me for any freelance screenwriting or script editing work. Rates are based on type of job.

I am qualified in the areas of screenwriting for feature film, screenwriting for series TV, and script editing and development, and I am an associate member of the Australian Writer’s Guild.

Works in development:

  • Thirty: 30 min dramedy TV show (pilot episode, pitch documents and bible available) // log line: After she decides to complete the bucket list of a deceased co-worker, a thirty year old wallflower must get to the root of her intimacy issues and fear of men to tick off number one on the list: lose her virginity. 
  • After the Sea: drama feature film (in progress) // log line: Following the shock death of her husband, a dramatic widow refuses to grieve in the way society demands, instead she quits her job, sells their house, travels the world, joins a cult, and destroys other people’s relationships; because if she can’t be happy, why should they?


  • Open Heart Therapy / web series / in pre-production / produced by Sebastian Chan
  • The Other Team / short film / in pre-production
  • The Seven / short film / in pre-production
  • Through the door / short film / in pre-production

Script Editing:

  • What Do You See?/ Mick Bonner / hybrid documentary / produced
  • Move Along / Emily O’Connell / short film / in post-production
  • Carcerem / Jason Trembath / short film / in post-production
  • Give Me A Sign / Georgina Love / short film / in post-production
  • Mule / Bernadette Nguyen / short film / in post-production
  • Frisco / Craig Hodges / short film / in post-production
  • The Resurgents / Luke McKenzie / feature film / in pre-production
  • Broadtree Gun Club / Luke McKenzie / tv pilot / not in production
  • The Consultant/ Hannah Fitzpatrick / tv pilot / not in production
  • Jacaranda Dreaming / Richard Jordan / tv pilot and story bible / not in production
  • The Educated Butcher / Jeremy Ray / tv pilot and story bible / not in production
  • Fried Chicken / Kathryn Lee / tv pilot and story bible / not in production
  • Almost Adults / Lachlan Brennan / tv pilot and story bible / not in production
  • Improv / Tahlia Lalor / tv pilot and story bible / not in production
  • Confession / Marie Walk / tv pilot and story bible / not in production
  • Border / Philip Tarl Denson / feature / not in production
  • Wind, Carry Me to My Beloved Happiness/ Nathaniel Johnston / feature / not in production
  • Martin/ Nathan McCarron / feature / not in production