Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a writer, editor, screenwriter, script editor, story developer, script supervisor, and policy and project professional.

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i really really love parasite

I’ve always loved Asian cinema, but modern South Korean films have been particularly good. I’m obsessed with Train to Busan and my favourite film of 2018 was Burning (see it!!). I’d also seen and loved Bong’s other films, The Host (a monster film!) Mother and Snowpiercer (which, admittedly, is English language and made for Americans,…

some of my thoughts on “Australia Day” and changing the date

Why is change the date a thing “all of a sudden”? It’s not. It’s always been a traumatic day for Indigenous people. As a wider population, we’re just more educated about the injustices against Indigenous people now because we have access to better education and more communication. Indigenous people are relaying and learning about what’s…

bipolar: it’s not what i thought

(originally published on Medium in September 2018) Until recently, when I heard the word ‘bipolar’ my mind would always conjure up Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), the main character of the TV show, Homeland. Carrie is an obsessive and, let’s face it, completely useless CIA agent who suffers from bipolar disorder, something she has been managing…