I am a trained screenwriter, with three Advanced Diplomas from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (screenwriting for feature film, screenwriting for television, and script editing and development). Although I have a full-time job working in the Australian Public Service, I still write as much as I can.

Produced works

Through the Door

A short film, which I also directed, about a group of young women who freak themselves out after discovering the front door has been open for… who knows how long.

In Production

Tim the Yowie Man: The Series – Greencape Lighthouse Episode

Web series – one episode – produced by Sebastian Chan

Open Heart Therapy

Web series – writer’s room and writer of episodes 9 & 10 – produced by Sebastian Chan

Unproduced works

Thirty – TV series (first episode and bible)

A newly thirty-year-old wallflower decides it’s time to take control of her life. With the help of her close friends, she ticks off a ‘thirty list’ – including losing her virginity and finding love.

Thirty deals with love, dating, sex, dreams, family, commitments, getting older, self-doubt, self-discovery and above all female friendship. It’s a romantic dramedy about turning thirty and finding out who you are as a woman in modern Australia.

What am I working on at the moment?

I’m always thinking and planning – and occasionally writing – screenplays. Here are a couple of things I’m currently working on:

Dangerous to Know

A biopic about Lady Caroline Lamb: abandoned child, religious fanatic, wife of a future Prime-Minister, mourning mother, social pariah, lover (and eventual stalker) of Lord Byron, Lady Lamb lived her life out loud and became a part of history’s first “celebrity scandal”.

After the Sea

Drama feature film: Following the shock death of her husband, a dramatic widow refuses to grieve in the way society demands, instead she quits her job, sells their house, travels the world, joins a cult, and destroys other people’s relationships; because if she can’t be happy, why should they?